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Welcome to our Baby Website where you’ll find lots of information on the wonderful journey of parenthood, from pregnancy, to birth and your child’s early development. Every child’s development is different, so be sure to consult with your health care professional if you have any concerns.

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When it comes to babies, Breastfeeding is best, and provides the ideal balanced diet and protection against illness. During pregnancy and after delivery, a mother’s diet should contain sufficient key nutrients. Professional guidance can be sought on diet and the preparation for and maintenance of breastfeeding. Infant formula is intended to replace breast-milk when mothers do not breastfeed. A decision not to breast-feed, or to introduce partial bottle-feeding, could reduce the supply of breast-milk. Once reduced, it is difficult to re-establish. Infant formula should be prepared and used as directed. Unnecessary or improper use, such as the use of unboiled water, unboiled bottles or incorrect dilution may present a health hazard. Social and financial implications, such as the preparation requirements and the cost of providing formula until 12 months of age, should be considered when choosing how to feed infants.

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Changes to Nestlé NAN Pro 2 Gold Follow-On Formula



While breastfeeding is best and the preferred choice, for babies who are not exclusively breast fed, we know how important infant formula is.

While the change we have made is only small, a baby’s tummy can be sensitive to adjustments in feeding and/or their environment. When introducing a change in feeding you can help your baby adapt to any change in formula by introducing it gradually. Alternating feeds between the old and new formula may help this transition.

Refer to below for further information on the formulation change and transitioning your baby.

PLEASE NOTE: From September 2014 the current NAN Pro 2 Gold follow-on formula may become harder to find in stores as the new formulation & label will be made available.

Why did you change the product?

With new and constant developments in technology and emerging science and research, we are constantly renovating our range of products as we improve their nutritional profile, taste and composition. We have slightly tweaked part of the recipe as part of this process.

I notice that the label looks different?

Yes we have updated our label. You may have noticed that our labels are looking a little different.

In Australia and New Zealand there are regulations about food and packaging, set by Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) that guide and determine what information can be included on our labels. In light of recent updates to these regulations, we have updated all of the labels in the range.

Will I notice a change in my baby’s bowel movements after moving to the new formulation?

It’s quite common for a baby to react to any change in diet. However a change in colour and/or consistency of baby’s poo may not necessarily be related to feeding. You may be better prepared for possible changes in baby’s bowel movements by understanding all the factors which can effect what comes out.

  • Fluid Intake
  • Introduction to solids
  • Moving to formula for the first time, changing to a different formula, or adjusting to a change in an existing formula
  • Not all infant formulas suit all babies, and some babies may even try a number of different formulas before finding one that is satisfactory for them

If you are concerned about your baby’s change in feeding, we recommend seeing your doctor or healthcare professional.

Refer to below for information on potential changes in your baby’s bowel movements:

Digestion: What’s your
Baby’s Nappy Telling You

Infant Bowel Habits and Feeding Advice by
Karen Faulkner (Child & Family Health Nurse)

Infant Bowel Habits and Feeding Advice by
Susan Williams (Dietitian)


For more information on the changes or stock availability, call the Nestlé Baby Careline on 1800 468 8736 or speak with your baby’s healthcare professional.