Introducing the NEW NAN OPTIPRO HA range

Nestlé is pleased to announce the launch of our new NAN OPTIPRO HA range of Infant Formulas and Toddler Milk.

The NAN OPTIPRO HA range features a new recipe. To find out more about the changes, please contact our Nestlé Baby Careline on 1800 468 8736.

When transitioning your baby to a new feed you may notice a change in their bowel habits. This may be the smell, colour, frequency, texture or all of the above. Provided your baby is healthy and happy, changes in your baby’s bowel movements shouldn’t necessarily be a cause for concern. That said, you can help your baby better adapt to the new formula by introducing it gradually. Alternating between the old and new formula may help this transition. For more information about transitioning, please refer to our SHSH Transitioning Brochure.

We recognise that changing your baby’s formula can be stressful so we have tried to answer some of the questions you might have. Please click here for our FAQ’s section. If you feel we have missed anything, please contact our Nestlé Baby Careline on 1800 468 8736.