NAN H.A. 3 Toddler – 800g

This product has been replaced by NAN OPTIPRO HA 3 Toddler

NAN H.A. 3 Gold - 800g


Product Information

NAN H.A. 3 Toddler is a premium, nutrient-enriched milk supplement specially formulated with age appropriate ingredients to help supplement your toddler’s diet from 1 year of age. It contains 14 essential vitamins and minerals to support growth and development, a special blend of good fats plus probiotic Bifidus BL. It also has no added sucrose to help support good eating habits. For hygiene and convenience, it is available in an innovative packaging format with a separate storage area for the scoop, and a semi-transparent window.

Backed by 150 years of infant nutrition research and development, Nestlé toddler milk products have helped to nurture generations of young children.

NAN H.A. 3 is a Formulated Supplementary Food for Young Children to be consumed when energy and nutrient intakes may not be adequate. NAN H.A. 3 should not be used if a toddler has a diagnosed cow’s milk allergy.

Pack Size: 800g can



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NAN H.A. 3 - 800g Nutrition Information


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