Pregnancy Weight Curve

It is important for you to monitor your weight gain during your pregnancy. If you want to find out how you are progressing, simply enter your total weight gained (in kilos) since conception. For example, if you gained 1kg in the first month and 2kg in the second month, place ’1′ in the box for the first month and ’3′ in the box for the second month. The white line shows the approximate weight gain for a normal pregnancy for a healthy woman. But remember that every woman is different and weight gain will vary from person to person. If you are underweight, you may gain more weight than this, and if you are overweight, it may be acceptable to gain a little less. Follow your doctor’s recommendations. The methods used by this application are based on an estimation taking into account information provided by the user and scientific knowledge/understanding in this area. The use of this application is at the entire discretion of the user and does not replace any formal advice from your doctor or healthcare provider. The user assumes any risk associated with using this application.